Why Bike Enthusiasts Needs To Join Annual Riders Music Festival

It is time to bring the best bikers and celebrated one of the best festivals that brings all the world musicians on one platform. The Riders Music Festival is set to be held soon and as is always the case, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

This festival will unite bike riders and non-bikers in order to experience a unique combination of lifestyles that will include; the best biking motorcycles, musicians, and experimentalists. It captures the emotions of individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a biker on non-biker, your aspirations will be taken care of through a passion for biking and music. Uncover the magic of the only a festival that celebrates biking subculture and social gathering. This festival is all about an experience.


On the festival this year, we shall expect musicians to parade their golden voice. Those who have often been deemed as underdogs are likely to unleash their charm.

Dirt track and off-roading

Another thing that you can enjoy on this festival is witnessing record makers and record breakers ride their bikes and give you a view of a lifetime. The occasion will be graced with the biking community with their showcases, installations, bike wash, workshops with options for customization, and competition for bikers shall make this festival one of a kind. If you have a passion for wheels, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Food

There is no good festival without good food. From food trucks to stand-alone and different stalls, there are different options to choose from. The traditional as well as exotic cuisines is something that cannot be missed.

Laughing riots

There will be lots of humor in the festival as well and names like Kannan Gill and Kenny Sebastian are some of the main attractions for laughter. Look to them to bring crack your ribs with their stand-up one-liners and amazing punches.


There are two different stages: the main stage and the bandstand stage with a whole array of a musician. On the main stage, you can expect renowned artists like Lucky Ali, Hari&Sukhmani and Kutle Khan to treat you to some cool rhythms, among other musicians drawn from all over the world. The bandstand stage is a platform for new artists and alternative bands.

The arts and crafts

Everything you can imagine of you can find on this festival. Tattoo artists, graffiti walls, relax zones, avenues for gaming. There is something for everyone, no matter whether you are not musician or biker you can play video games instead.

This is one of a kind festival that has to feature various contests such as best paint job, speaker season, bike installation, professional stunt acts.

Two days, two stages, more than 15 artists, and 15 experimental zones are here to make this Riders Music Festival one of the greatest the world over.

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